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Awareness > A Better Way

Postby aternouthAdmin » Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:19 pm

A community of interested people can generally come up with more possible solutions than an individual can.
We are looking for minds who are strong enough to sometimes swim upstream, in order to guide us to create software which cuts the time required to implement solutions to business problems.

1. Create awareness of a fundamental issue which plagues implementations of IT solutions today...
Description of Problem:
Solving a specific business problem normally requires large investments of time, money and managerial reputation.
This paradoxically causes failure of most projects. More....

2. Build a community to address this problem by guiding creation of a new way of doing things,
While Capable.Co has taken steps in this direction, we cannot achieve as much without support in the forms of ideas and of course patronage.

3. Create an IT system, guided by the community, to solve the problem
    Flexible enough to solve many different business problems in many different ways;
    Costs little time/money to implement a possible solution to a business problem;
    Is easy to modify/iterate until a useful solution to a problem emerges; AND
    Any manager can get directly involved with iterating/modifying it.

We would like this system which is created to be embodied at Capable.Co

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