Moving Data Between Organizations

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Moving Data Between Organizations

Postby aternouthAdmin » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:08 pm

Commonly you will find that your design of your Organization's functionality needs an upgrade.

Initially for example you will find that keeping things simple serves you well.
IF you setup complex functionality at the start, most likely that functionality will just trip you up.

As you work more with your customers you will find that there become obvious extra functions you will want - so you add that functionality in as you go.
HOWEVER sometimes you just have to change lots of things!

At that point you will probably re-design your functions, and you will want to move your data from your old structure to your new designed structure.

For that you will use DesignMode>Operations>Copy Data within, or to another Organization

When you move some data, you first setup a Template which defines which Records to move where, INCLUDING which fields in each record, get copied to which fields in the new Type.
For example, in your new Design you may have Appointments, rather than Encounters, and you want to move all your Encounters into the new Appointments Type.
Appointment's Fields may not be exactly the same as what the Encounters fields were.

Essentially the Template you setup tells the system what type to copy to what type, and within that type, which fields in the old type, are to be copied over to which fields in the new type.

As you can imagine you may wish to do this in stages... AND you may wish to repeat a stage if you do it incorrectly first time.
For example, if you have 20,000 Clients, and each Client has a series of Encounters, you may wish to move firstly the Clients, check you are happy with what you have done, then move the Encounters.

In this case, you can save the template for the copy, and use it again. This means if you make a mistake first time you can open up the template, modify it, and then do the copy again with the slight modification, rather than having to set it up again from scratch.

Remove/Overwrite Existing Records in Types
When you move the

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