Import your Data from SpreadSheets

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Import your Data from SpreadSheets

Postby aternouthAdmin » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:04 pm

Capable.Co will allow import of spreadsheet rows of data into a Record Type.

A typical Organization owner will have several spreadsheets of data which will need to be imported.
Commonly for example you will have a list of your Customers or Leads or Members etc.

The columns in your spreadsheet will be things like 'Name', 'Date of Birth' and other things that are relevant for your Organization.
What you need to do is create a .csv file, choose a Record Type that you are importing the Records into, and then using the Wizard which will guide you, match up spreadsheet columns, with fields in the Record Type.

There are several steps required to import the spreadsheet data:
    Open your spreadsheet, then click 'Save As', and choose '.csv' as the type of file to Save As.
    In Capable.Co, open Action Mode.
    Click on the Type you wish to Import your Records into e.g. click on Customers.
    In the DataView, click on Import Records.
    Use the Wizard to match up the Columns in your Spreadsheet File, with the Fields in the Record Type.

For more information see the Importing/Moving Data Forum

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