Using GMAIL as your email service

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Using GMAIL as your email service

Postby andrewAdmin » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:40 pm

This Post outlines the ADDITIONAL step required to enable use of Google/Gmail as your Email Provider.

In addition to the above, an extra step is required IF you are using Gmail as your Email provider.

Google/Gmail has commendably tried to push forwards with the most secure systems for email. Since most providers do not do this, we have not upgraded to Google's way of doing things yet, however we endeavor to do so.
IN the meantime, we and others who use standard email forwarding, are labelled 'less secure'... which is harsh but probably true.

You are required by Google/Gmail to authorise that your Gmail email account is to accept 'less secure' emails. Goto Google Accounts Answers and then click on their link for allowing access by Less secure apps (< copy of that link).

Only after you do this, will Gmail accept emails using the standard username/password system.

Gmail/Google also provides 2 part/factor authentication systems (2FA).
This will allow you to have a different password to your usual login password, that you can use in order for CapableCo to send emails via Google.
This is preferable where possible but requires you to go through the extra steps to setup 2FA.
After you have enabled 2FA you will see the option App Passwords. Click on this and generate a custom password. You would then use this in the Email setup page at your CapableCo Organization.

Don't forget to then look for the 'verification email' ... again see prerequisite reading above.

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